I dont know anymore 😩😩😩

I dont know what to do with my life. Feeling ko wala na kong tinatamang desisyon sa buhay. Sobrang nakakadepress na talaga. 😭😭😭 I jsut resigned from work which is yun lang ata pinakatama kong nagawa sa buhay ko. Pero feeling ko ung pagresign ko paramg may mali eh. Sht lang. Ang gulo ng buhay ko. Got fight with my bestfriend. Unfriended by some of my college friends. Broke. Loose self-esteem (hello, fats and pimples!!!) No work in a month. Too many monthly bills. Hayyy!!! ☹️☹️ Instead of getting back my shits together, i find myself watching kdramas to divert attention at life. This is the time of my life that i felt listless. Walang pakinabang, walang silbi, wala ng magawang matino sa buhay. Tangina, bakit umabot ako sa ganito??? 

How to deal with life? 😔😔😔


Ji Chang wook ♡

Hindi ko na kaya ung feels ko for wookie, nagkaroon ng another reason to make happen one of my bucketlist “travel to south korea.” *praying* More ipon jusko. What is ipon by the way? Dunno how to save tsk.

And it makes me sad na kung kelangan ako napamahal sa kanya ng todo, for enlistment na siya sa military service. 😦 Two years yon, LDR na nga ang peg ko sa pagmamahal ko sa kanya. Tapos, double-kill pa na no update sa kanya kapag pumasok na siya military service. TT

Yes to doubting, loyalty no more.

I was left dumbfounded when i saw her posts regarding being fake && being loyal friend. I have (had na yata?? wow friendship over na ata. ‘wag naman sana. *cossfingers*) this friend doubting my loyalty to her. Do i need to explain? Can’t she trust me enough? I chose to be in between since my two group of friends during college we’re not that close and not really in good terms. I adjusted despite they blabber about being true at their back when i’m with the other group. Ang sakit lang because i know myself enough. Meh.

“One of the worst feeling in the world is having to doubt something you thought was unquestionable.”
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SMP na naman ako. #sad

51 days to go before Christmas. ❤ I still have 51 days  to search for a boyfriend para hindi ako kasama sa “SAMAHAN NG MALAMIG ANG PASKO” lol HAHAHAHA

Ilang taon na nga ba akong single every Christmas? Wow, nakakamiss yung feeling. Charot. Srsly, mas sanay talaga akong kasama family every 25th of December lol ulit, wala akong choice genern. HAHAHAHAHAHA Continue reading “SMP na naman ako. #sad”

15 Times I Feel Single AF

This is me… So much feels. ❤

The Undateable Girl's Diary

I’ve been single for probably 1938259876982 days (too many to even count) and most of the time, I’m completely fine with it. At some point, I just decided that being alone for a while works better for me and trust me, I’m really good at it. But there are always some moments, some annoying situations, where I wouldn’t mind having someone by my side to share it with or to lean on. Sure, I have family and friends but it’s just not the same. Currently, I’m at a point where I’m kinda open to meeting someone but I’m sure that I need a miracle for that to happen. I’m super picky, and difficult, and probably have been single for waaaayyy too long. Anyway, here is a list with moments where it would be nice to have someone by my side.

So single it hurts

01. On Christmas
Because it’s the most wonderful time of the…

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Crush, me not. ❤️😂

Hindi na ‘ko bato. Nakakaramdam na ko ulit. Hahahaha!

May crush ako sa work. At oo, may crush ako. Hindi na ko bato. Normal na ulit ako. Hahahachar.

Iba yung feels 💓 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nagkakacrush naman ako eh Daniel Padilla, Song Joong Ki or Channing Tatum. Alam mo yun puro celebrities? Ngayon kasi iba, crush sa normal na tao? Its been ages na nakaramdam ako ng ganito. Haha, hindi naman sa hindi normal ung nabanggit ko. Pero kasi celebrities yun. 😁 At wow lang, teenage years? Punyeta. Bata eno? Crush. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Continue reading “Crush, me not. ❤️😂”